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Cocktail Close-Up Magical Entertainment is a way to engage your event's guests in small groups as they are getting settled at your event.


David will circulate amongst your guests and create amazement and laughter that will engage your guests and will create a positive and fun mood that will help make your event stand out!

Generally speaking, this type of entertainment occurs during a cocktail reception before a banquet or dinner event. It's a great choice for Holiday Events; Awards Dinners; Conference Banquets and more.


Also, Cocktail Close-Up can be a way of creating entertainment for events where a formal after-dinner show wouldn't be the best fit.

One of the best ways to utilize Cocktail Close-Up Magical Entertainment is to combine it with one of David's amazing and interactive shows for a complete evening of mystery entertainment.


What will your guests experience?




  • Imagine, as your guests are entering the cocktail reception area for your holiday event, a small group of people watching something intently and engaged erupts into laughter and wonder.

  • A few minutes later, the same thing happens in a different part of the room!

  • A buzz of energy starts to circulate in the room as people are becoming energized, engaged and ready for a night of fun and bonding together with laughter and amazement.

  • This is how the evening begins with Cocktail Close-Up Entertainment. I'll circulate during the cocktail hour performing close-up, sleight of hand illusions that concentrate on magic that happens right in your guest's hands and inches from their faces!

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