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#1 Corporate Entertainer In The USA Will Make You Look Like A Hero!


Watch this quick video to avoid big mistakes when hiring

entertainment for your company event!

You are probably thinking; "I see how David is the safe choice,

but how will he help us make our event memorable and engaging?"

Amazing After-Dinner Entertainment


How about an after dinner show that combines clean comedy, visual magic and illusions and audience participation to create a performance that your guests will be talking about for a long time afterward?

His one-person performance "Mysterious Deceptions" is the perfect solution as it is easy to present in almost any space. David can customize the show running time be anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

CLICK the video link to the left to see David in action during "Mysterious Deceptions."

Cocktail Close-Up Entertainment


The cocktail reception can be the most difficult part of your event to keep fun and engaging. David can help!

How? David can move from group to group performing sleight of hand illusions, up close and in the hands of the people attending.

He will act as a Socializer and get people talking to each other and having a great time and becoming energized, engaged and ready for your amazing event that night.




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