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Struggling to find fun, company-friendly entertainment for your company's summer picnic, outing or customer appreciation event?

Watch this quick video to avoid big mistakes when hiring

entertainment for your company event!

You are probably thinking;

"What have other company's David has worked with

said about him?"

"He has a way of making each guest feel special and important! He's worth it!"

Nutmeg Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Jillian Comolli

Event Coordinator

"David did an amazing job! I enjoyed his performance as did the clients and that company that hired me."

Event Planning Specialists

Laurie Robinson

Founder & Owner

"He arrived early and was extremely professional. Very class act!"

Airport Solutions Group

Caroline Mallard

HR Manager

"Great performance, very engaging!"

Belmont Savings Bank

Christopher Downs

Executive Vice President

"David gives 100% each and every show!"

Six Flags New England

Pete Shannon

Manager of Entertainment -

"You do a great job!"


Gerry Brooks

News Anchor

Now, you may be thinking;

"How can David help make our event a giant success?"

There are a number of ways; here are some to get you thinking!

Stunning Sleight of Hand Illusions

Performing close-up sleight of hand illusions; David can move from group to group performing up close and in the hands of the people attending. They will experience items appearing and disappearing right in their very own hands. 

This way David can also act as a socializer and get people talking to each other and having a great time becoming energized, engaged and ready for your amazing event!

Maybe you need something bigger for the big finish of the event?


A Large Scale Illusion Show

If you really want to impress your guests this show is excellent for larger company banquet or awards events, customer appreciation nights and more. It is a large, multi-performer show that will fill the largest stage or venue.


Your guests will witness  David  make people appear, float in the air, pass through solid objects and more! This show combines music, clean comedy and audience participation to create a lasting impression on your guests or attendees.

Maybe you need something bigger but you

are short on space in your venue?

Mysterious Deceptions

A One-Person Illusion Show

This one person performance is designed to have the impact of the larger show above, however it can be presented in nearly any space, even outside in some circumstances.


This show also combines clean comedy, visual magic and illusions, mind-reading and audience participation to create a performance that your guests will be talking about for a long time afterward?

Perhaps you need something else entirely? That's not a problem!

Set up a call below or send an email and David can help you find the best fit for your event! Even if it's not him!




Or, fill out the form below to email David.

(Please try to provide as much information possible below. Thank you)

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