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David Garrity

CLEAN COMEDY and MAGIC for Corporate Events, Gala Banquets, Annual Meetings & Networking Receptions

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Q. Are you struggling to find a corporate entertainer who will bring your guests or attendees together in a positive and energetic way during an annual meeting, cocktail reception, awards dinner, networking or banquet event?


A. You need someone who will leave them laughing and energized and appreciating YOU for arranging the entertainment portion of the event.


Q. Maybe you need to launch a new product or reveal a new service? Would you like to see your CEO, VIP or Keynote Speaker appear magically during the event?


A. Illusionist David Garrity will work closely with you to customize his show to incorporate your product or message!

Illusionist David Garrity will use his 25 years of professional performing experience to energize the room using strong visual magic, situational comedy and audience participation to help you create an event that will entertain and engage your guests or attendees, guaranteed.





"IllusionQuest" Show

This show is excellent for large banquet events, product launches, award nights and more. It is a large, multi-performer show that will fill the largest stage or venue. Your guests will witness Illusionist David Garrity make people appear, float in the air, pass through solid objects and more! This show combines music, situational comedy and audience participation to create a lasting impression on your guests or attendees.


Cocktail Close-Up Magic Entertainment

Looking for something a little less formal for your hospitality suite, cocktail hour, networking event or reception? Illusionist David Garrity can move from group to group performing mini-illusion shows bringing the groups together and creating a bonding experience. The magic will happen in their hands and inches from their eyes!


"Mysterious Deceptions" Show

This one-person illusion show is excellent for smaller events: meetings, banquets, award nights and more. It is very easy to present with very modest rider/tech requirements and can be performed almost anywhere. Your guests will see objects appear, disappear and float around the audience. Illusionist David Garrity will also present "dangerous" stunts, hilarious escapes and your audience will become a part of the show.


Show & Event Customization

Would you like to see your CEO or Keynote Speaker appear magically during their part of the event? Perhaps you'd like to see your CFO cut in half with a giant three foot bow saw? How about squishing your competition....literally? Illusionist David Garrity can customize the two above shows by incorporating your product, message, CEO, VIP or Keynote Speaker into the presentation.




Booking directly to: 
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Association Meeting Planners
  • Conference Planners
  • Talent Agencies
  • Entertainment Producers
  • Corporate Event Planners
  • and others

Typically, Illusionist David Garrity's dates book 2-3 months in advance.


Please call the office RIGHT NOW to get a FREE, no-obligation, event consultation. 

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